An ant 'herding' lice
Black & white shadow of a man who has spread his arms whilst standing in a spotlight that's being focused

Focusing lights

Upcoming sun in February, in the south of France. 3 Birds sitting in the top of a dead tree in the left foreground. A dark band of cloud is in front of the sun.


A black and white image of flocking geese in the south of France.


Black & white image of an unpaved winding road in the south of France.

Unpaved road, the south of France

Black & white image of a path in the Maasvlakte dunes, leading to, and showing a view of, the North Sea. A ship is faintly visible on the horizon.

The North Sea / Maasvlakte

Black & white view of the Maas in Rotterdam. The Erasmus bridge in the background, a watertaxi crossing from right to left.

Watertaxi crossing the Maas

In the front left of the image is on oil reservoir, while in the back we see a circular movement of an engine part


Black & white image of the inside of Aros musem. A silhouette of a woamn is visible against the large windows.

Aros museum, Århus (DK)

A low point of view of the Ankeveense Plassen. Heavy clouds, with the sun peaking through and shining on a church tower at the horizon

Late autumn at the Ankeveense plassen

A cloudy sky over clourful treetops. Autumn in Amersfoort


A black and white close-up of a fly on a flower


Sky and treetops mirrored in a pond, with leaves at the bottom of it


A view on the mountains near Montmirat (France). Mostly sky, but at the bottom green forrested hills, with bluish mountans further away


An image from the performance Veni Vidi Venus by Studio Eclipse. Two women facing each other, balancing 3 stones between their two heads by pushing towards each other.

Veni Vidi Venus